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Ana Maria Sencovici

Ana Maria Sencovici is a Principal at The River Group. She has many years experience as an expert in talent and leadership development.
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Making a Leader...Lessons from the Olympics

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on Aug 26, 2016 11:08:06 AM

It’s Olympics season, and performance is top of mind for everyone. It’s also a wonderful time to remember that the amazing athletes we are seeing train all the time, for a long time, to perfect their craft. Further, according to this Scientific American article, the right coach can make or break an athlete.

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Don't Leave Learning on the Table with This Simple Trick

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on Aug 16, 2016 10:25:48 AM

Learning…it’s the holy grail to maintaining competitive advantage, for individuals and organizations alike. Billions of dollars
(yes, with a “B”) are spent each year by consumers and creators of learning systems, arguably with little to show for it.

Heroic efforts are underway to shift the corporate focus away from formal to informal learning: from programmatic, top-down, scheduled “events” to just-in-time, socially-connected, employee-driven development chunks. The goal of these efforts is to create a learning culture for the organization as a whole. But what does that mean exactly?

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The Surprising Way to Develop Leadership Talent

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on May 24, 2016 11:11:39 AM

If you are in charge of developing leadership talent, what could be the highest return on your time and resources?  

Conventional wisdom says that the eldest child in a family is "smartest" because she has the most attention time from parents as an only child. Yet, research shows this is all wrong.

In fact, the eldest child has the greatest opportunity to teach the younger siblings. Because of this "teaching time," she is able to solidify her own learning.

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The Single Most Powerful Word in a Leader’s Vocabulary

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on Jan 5, 2016 9:18:38 AM

Much has been written about communication, especially leadership communication. There are tips on how to listen more, there are best practices around having difficult conversations…there is no shortage of suggestions on how to use verbal and body language to be more effective.

Yet I’ve found that one word has more power, more leverage, than any other. One word can help leaders not only become more effective but also shift their mindset towards one of inclusivity and innovation. That word is AND. It’s one of the most used, simple three letter words out there—yet, in the right context, it’s magical.

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Do No Harm:  What Senior Executives Can Learn from Doctors

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on Dec 1, 2015 10:20:44 AM

Most organizations would love to have passionately engaged employees. But how does that happen? How can leaders speak to their sense of purpose? How can leaders truly unleash the potential of their people and harness it towards fulfilling the organizational mission?

Clearly enough people deem these questions critically important, as evidenced by the sheer amount of time and money dedicated to answering them. From culture change initiatives, and work-life programs, to novel ways of leveraging technology and new KPIs to track engagement efforts…everyone is seeking a leg up in the race to retain and maximize the contributions of their people. Some of the brightest minds are eager to answer these key questions, creating entire ecosystems around their respective solutions. It’s competitive advantage 2.0.

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