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Michael is a Partner at The River Group with over 25 years of experience helping CEOs, boards of directors and senior managers to design and implement large-scale organizational change and build leadership capability to drive successful business performance.
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5 Ways to Get the Most out of the CEO Evaluation Process

Posted by Michael Franklin on Jan 10, 2017 11:34:37 AM

On a high-level, the process for planning and evaluating CEO performance is relatively straight forward.

But what about the nuances that play a huge role in determining the value gained from the process?

How the performance expectations and evaluation criteria are set, assessment is completed, Board is engaged in discussing results, and how feedback is delivered and discussed with the CEO?

Here are five guiding principles for realizing the benefits of an effective CEO evaluation process.

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Topics: Advising CEOs

How to Orchestrate a Successful Company Transformation

Posted by Michael Franklin on Oct 11, 2016 11:06:51 AM

At some point in their careers, nearly all CEOs face the challenge of dramatically changing their businesses and organizations in order to sustain the success of their companies.

You may be a new CEO who was brought in to improve performance of a stalled company. Or an incumbent CEO dealing with disruptive technologies that are driving changes in your business model. Or a founder CEO with a window of opportunity to drive hyper-growth.

Whatever the situation, you are the only leader in the organization with the perspective and scope of authority to strategically determine “what” about your company needs to change and “how” to bring about those changes in ways that lead to sustained success.

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Advice from 75 CEOs on Aligning Leadership

Posted by Michael Franklin on Jun 7, 2016 11:02:22 AM

As a new CEO, within the first six months on the job, you are likely to get a deep appreciation of the extent to which leadership is a team sport. In our interviews with 75 CEOs across the world, The River Group found that what those chief executives loved most about their jobs was the power of creative expression—the ability to express themselves, almost like an artist. Those same CEOs also described having to come to grips with the myth of control—the reality that even though they held the most powerful role in the organization, their ability to control their company was limited. While they know it conceptually at the start of their tenures, there is a point at which it becomes abundantly apparent to new CEOs that they can’t "go it alone." Among other things, they recognize the extent to which they need a critical mass of leaders who share a common vision and who can engage the rest of the organization to realize that vision.

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Topics: Advising CEOs, Developing Leadership Teams