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Making a Leader...Lessons from the Olympics

Posted by Ana Maria Sencovici on Aug 26, 2016 11:08:06 AM
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Olympics_s.jpgIt’s Olympics season, and performance is top of mind for everyone. It’s also a wonderful time to remember that the amazing athletes we are seeing train all the time, for a long time, to perfect their craft. Further, according to this Scientific American article, the right coach can make or break an athlete.

The parallels between athletes and leaders are easy to find and often referenced. Both are judged by their performance. Both benefit from extensive training, dedication and experience. Both roles can feel solitary without a coach to guide, challenge and encourage.  

Therefore, if a coach can make or break an Olympic athlete, imagine what (s)he can do for a leader!  All too often, coaching is erroneously connected to remediation, as a sign of weakness or fixing. Instead, leaders could benefit from the mindset that Olympians hold, that of coaching for excellence.  


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