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Catching up on Algebra: How Young CEOs Accelerate Their Learning

Posted by Gavin Fenn-Smith on Feb 4, 2016 5:30:00 AM

"I just feel like I have missed a bunch of stuff. It is as if I am coming to the end of high school, but have missed 8th and 9th grade pre-algebra. I am supposed to know what algebra is, but there are holes in my understanding. I am CEO, but there is so much I don’t know about being the CEO."

So we were told by a 33-year-old CEO of a DC-based nonprofit. From just three people at the start some years ago, to nearly 100 staff now, surely he was doing something right? Yet, he felt ill prepared. He just didn't know what he didn't know about how to be a CEO. 

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Building a Sustainable Family Owned Business

Posted by Sally Ann Jones on Dec 15, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Family businesses contribute an estimated 70% to global GDP but statistics show that 65% of family wealth is lost by the second generation and 90% by the third generation. 

Most founders concentrate on what they know best—building the business. But, they sometimes fail to execute their succession plan early enough. 

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CEO Succession: Value Destruction of the Unprepared

Posted by Peter Thies on Nov 2, 2015 8:31:27 AM

CEO turnover is on the rise and continues to be front page news. Turnover is at the highest level since the recession, according to executive search firm Spencer Stuart. CEO tenure has dropped to 4.8 years, according to a recent Harvard Business School study. Meanwhile, a post Baby Boom generation of market savvy, technology friendly executives in their early 40s are ready for more challenging roles.

Given the increased CEO turnover and bumper crop of successors, Boards can capitalize.

If they’re ready.

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