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A “New Normal” for the C-Suite: Learning Agile Leaders

Posted by Peter Thies on Dec 6, 2016 11:38:08 AM

What are CEOs looking for in the next generation of C-Suite leaders?  

Let’s look at three real-world examples:

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Topics: Advising CEOs, Developing Leadership Teams

How the Most Successful Sports Team of All Time Uses Shared Leadership

Posted by Gavin Fenn-Smith on Nov 10, 2016 12:14:48 PM

Are the All Blacks the most successful sports team in the history of sports? Any team, any sport, anywhere in the world? Some say so. The All Blacks (The New Zealand men's rugby team) are the best side to have ever played that sport; three times world champions, with a 77% win record stretching back 100 years. They have not lost on home soil since 2009.

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Advice from 75 CEOs on Aligning Leadership

Posted by Michael Franklin on Jun 7, 2016 11:02:22 AM

As a new CEO, within the first six months on the job, you are likely to get a deep appreciation of the extent to which leadership is a team sport. In our interviews with 75 CEOs across the world, The River Group found that what those chief executives loved most about their jobs was the power of creative expression—the ability to express themselves, almost like an artist. Those same CEOs also described having to come to grips with the myth of control—the reality that even though they held the most powerful role in the organization, their ability to control their company was limited. While they know it conceptually at the start of their tenures, there is a point at which it becomes abundantly apparent to new CEOs that they can’t "go it alone." Among other things, they recognize the extent to which they need a critical mass of leaders who share a common vision and who can engage the rest of the organization to realize that vision.

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Topics: Advising CEOs, Developing Leadership Teams